Announcement for expelled foreign students

Students who have been expelled from the KSMA and wish to be readmitted for training must apply application to the name of rector (Form No. 1) and a copy of the record book. The scanned application and a copy of the record book in good quality should be sent by e-mail: and upon arrival must provide the original application. If you are in Bishkek, you should apply the original application to the dean.

Your application will be considered if you do not have any tuition debts.

Acceptance of applications:

Fall semester: from July 16 to August 10 of the academic year

Winter semester: from December 17 to January 16 of the academic year

There will be a meeting of Commission after receiving the documents from the students. Your participation in the work of the Commission is compulsory. In order to participate in Commission, you must send an additional application to the name of rector for visa support (Form 2) and copy of passport. Application and copy of passport should also be sent immediately in good quality by e-mail: before the 1st August for applying to the Fall semester and 20th of December for applying to the Winter semester. Issue of the letter of invitation will take minimum 2 weeks. You must be ready to arrive in time.

In case of holding valid KSMA study visa, you will not be able to enter the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic, since KSMA submits lists of expelled students to the Department of Consular Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic, the State National Security Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Ministry of Interior Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic. In other words if you try to enter the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic you will be immediately deported back to homeland.