Strategy of development of the I. K. Akhunbaev Kyrgyz state medical academy for 2010 - 2020

Strategy of development of the I.K. Akhunbaev Kyrgyz state medical academy for 2010-2020The I. K. Akhunbaev Kyrgyz State Medical Academy of (further KSMA) – leading medical school in the Kyrgyz Republic. KSMA prepares experts of the highest medical and pharmaceutical profile. Staff of Academy – the scientists known in Kyrgyzstan and beyond its limits. The academy successfully celebrated the 70-year anniversary and enters new decade of the activity.

KSMA mission: Satisfaction of needs of students in receiving quality education; training of specialists according to the international standards; satisfaction of need of the state and society in providing with highly qualified specialists.

In the changing world higher education institutions have to assume new functions, refuse outdated forms and activity methods, to establish new connection with all institutes responsible for mass education. The new doctrine of national medical and pharmaceutical education demands rationalization of requirements with cardinal improvement of all forms and training methods, and also eliminations of the developed imbalance in personnel structure of practical health care. Global achievements of medical science and equipment, reform of health care resulted in inadequacy of the maintenance of vocational education which as a whole doesn't meet the requirements of time. Therefore one of the most important problems of modern higher education – ensuring the quality of education promoting formation of the expert, answering to new realities of life and professional activity. At this conjuncture development of long-term measures for increase of competitiveness of Academy, to ensuring quality of preparation of the qualified medical experts who are meeting the requirements of the personality and inquiries of the medical organizations - employers, in comparison with other similar educational medical institutions is very important.

In this regard, the top management of KSMA establishes the main strategic purpose of activity of Academy: to achieve the international recognition and to maintain image of the leading center of medical and pharmaceutical education in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Strategy of KSMA is developed taking into account the key directions of a development of education in Kyrgyzstan, presented by the President of the Kyrgyz Republic in the education reform Concept:

  1. Creation of system of innovative preparation of medical and pharmaceutical cadres. Continuous studying of requirement for preparation of medical and pharmaceutical cadres in the Kyrgyz Republic. Studying of the international requirements to medical education for the academic recognition and integration into the international educational space. Realization of competence-based approach to preparation of medical experts.
  2. Aiming of educational activity to the final result – release of the experts possessing necessary competences. Further application of modern methods of training and advanced educational technologies.
  3. Introduction and wide use of modern methods of management in administration of Academy, commitment of the top management of the principles. Continuous improvement of a control system of KSMA. Broad application of process approach to educational activity.
  4. Integration of interests, involvement and use of potential of all interested parties: state structures, business, international organizations. Active international cooperation. Cooperation with the medical, treatment and preventive organizations of the Kyrgyz Republic. Creation of system of interaction with graduates.
  5. Creation of modern educational, methodical and material base, as necessary condition for preparation of highly qualified specialists. Improvement of clinical, practical and laboratory bases for training of specialists. Expansion of access to modern educational and methodical literature, including use of information technologies.
  6. Creation of conditions for professional and personal improvement of the faculty and staff of Academy. Introduction of mechanisms of stimulation of the personnel for self-development and professional development.
  7. Increase of role of scientific-research works and science in educational process. Development of basic and applied scientific researches in the field of medicine and interdisciplinary sciences by means of joint activity of scientific and pedagogical workers and students. Wide use of results of scientific-research works in educational and medical processes.
  8. Creation of the modern educational environment, introduction of the principles of an assessment of educational process and faculty. Improvement of system of information support. Involvement of students in an assessment of educational process.
  9. Carrying out medical work at modern level, introduction of the principles of evidence-based medicine. Introduction of the principles of evidence-based medicine at all levels.
  10. Creation of conditions for full development of students as persons Activization of educational, cultural and mass work. Formation of fundamental qualities of the identity of the doctor. Education of a cult of knowledge and aspiration to success.

Strategy of development of Academy is the guide to action for all personnel and a basis for development and statement of short-term and long-term goals in the field of quality of education.